Lan Su Chinese Garden

I enjoy living in the city, especially a city that has these small neighborhoods making it feel like a town. But, I also get the urge to be in nature frequently. Sometimes you don’t want to go far to feel like you are in nature. Fortunately, Portland has many beautiful parks and gardens. One of these gardens is the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It’s magical to have this vibrant sanctuary in the middle of downtown Portland. There is a tea house inside the garden for enjoying delicious teas and cherishing the peaceful surroundings.

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I went here for the first time during a recent date day where we road bikes around town and alternated choosing the destinations. Ladies and gents – This is a cool date day idea during nicer weather, write it down. Even in the winter months you could utilize the same idea, but choose to get around using a different mode of transportation and picking more places indoors.


Lan Su Chinese Garden

10 AM – 5 PM, open daily
239 NW Everett Street, Portland, Oregon

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