Great Ocean Road, Australia

I took a small tour bus on a Tuesday to the Great Ocean Road. The first stop was to get breakfast about two hours away from Melbourne in a little town called Colac. I had the best cappuccino at this small, modest cafe called Trocadero Cafe. It would be easily missed if it weren’t for the tour guide. I also had these Turkish-inspired cheese filled dough pockets – there was a real name for them that I can’t remember but all you need to know is that it’s basically bread and cheese and it was the best thing to have with a cappuccino at 10am.


We drove another 50 minutes to our first stop along the coast. I don’t even remember what town we were in at this point. It was a quick pit stop.


After the quick pit stop, the tour took us to Loch Ard Gorge where I got my first pictures and glimpse of what was to come along the Great Ocean Road.

We then drove to Port Campbell National Park where I got to see the famous Twelve Apostles. This was part of the day where it was still cloudy and rain was threatening to release from the clouds. It still made for some great pictures and later on in the pictures you’ll see the sun made it’s way through.


The next stop was to get lunch at this small restaurant in what felt like the middle of nowhere. The food was just alright, but you can’t really ask for more when you get a nice countryside view.


After lunch, we proceeded to go to many stops along the Great Ocean Road searching for koalas, king parrots and the best beaches. I captured all of these things and even landed a bird on my head.

We also completed a stroll through Maits Rest Rainforest. I saw beautiful big bold trees and this one, below, was one of my favorites.


It was enjoyable to see signs with the word “Rubbish” on them. Australians use this word for trash or to refer to something in a distasteful way. It’s a very British thing passed on and I quite loved it. It’s fun to see and hear English slang words that are not typically used in the states. There are also some phrases my Australian friend would say that I had no idea what he was referring to and had to obtain clarification sometimes. It seemed this issue was mutual. Also, apparently all Americans sound like  they talk slow even the ones who talk faster than others.

Australia is a great place and a must visit. But, make sure to take your rubbish with you!1123151757.jpg

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