Prahran Market

When I go to a new place I like to ask locals things I should check out. There really isn’t a better audience to ask than the locals. I could look at the internet all day, but sometimes the places online are tourist traps. The second day in Australia I asked someone at a cafe if Prahran Market would be worth checking out. They confirmed that I should definitely go, but to avoid the weekend if possible. I went on a Friday morning and it wasn’t too crowded. This market reminded me of Pike Market in Seattle with a lot of local Australia ingredients instead. It was marvelous to look at everything as a traveler. Fresh produce, birthday cards, flowers, kitchen appliances, seafood, meat, chocolates, spices, lunch, live demonstrations and more are all available at Prahran Market. I ended up getting some chocolates, fresh produce for the week and some breakfast fixings.


Melbourne has a lot of different cultures like most cities, but one that stood out to me was all the Turkish related things. Mostly because we don’t have many Turkish people in the Pacific Northwest or at least not anyone that also has a restaurant of some sort. So I haven’t been exposed to Turkish food or candies very much. Because of this, I had to try one of everything that I came across that I wasn’t sure about. Wouldn’t you if you saw the below??

There was a live demonstration for eclairs the day I went. If you know me very well, you’ll know I love cooking shows. Being able to see one live and then taste what is made is a dream of mine. Someone can endorse me as a food critic, do it.


There really was an assortment of things available including these creative cut out pop-up cards. I probably should have bought one, but alas I didn’t.


I really enjoyed the indoor and outdoor layout of this market. It’s nice to have the option for cover on a rainy day and the open air space to enjoy a meal on a sunny day.



Once outside, I saw all the different food options and realized I was starting to get quite hungry. I’ve been eating a lot more vegetarian at this point, but there was a lamb gyro calling my name. So I went for it, and it was delicious. It was a nice day for sitting outside and people watching.

This is a great market to check out. As recommended by the locals, go during the week. I think it’s closed Monday & Tuesday. Prahran Market info here.

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