Yarra Valley: Australia Wine Country

Living close to Willamette Valley and having been to Napa/Sonoma Valley, I get very excited about wine countries. I wasn’t too sure what to expect in Australia’s Yarra Valley, but I can now say it is quite gorgeous. The wine results are definitely different than what I have been used to, but a lot of them did surprise me. Read on to see the beautiful landscapes and the decline in picture composition quality as wine begins to absorb into my body. Maybe I need to start a wine series of pictures that show the level of soberness.

First stop: Yering Station.1121151659

Yering Station was a lovely first stop. The interior was modern and inviting. Even Jarrad, hater of the sun, enjoyed being out on the patio and walking through the odd-shaped metal art. The world map in the body of water is made out of wine corks!

Yering Station patio.

Next stop: Zonzo Estate1121151736a

Jarrad’s friends, Alex and Evan, got married here a couple years ago. It was the first time they returned since their wedding. This picture was where they said their vows.


This place has great food, we had lunch here. It was a really great stop and we were starting to enjoy ourselves a bit which later becomes evident in our picture poses.

You can’t go to wine country without taking one panoramic picture.
Another stop TarraWarra Estate. We went to so many places I started to lose track. It had nothing to do with the wine…

Before making it to one of the last stops, we decided to check out a gin distillery called Four Pillars. Because, you know, it’s not a wine day without some gin. I know I heard that somewhere.

We did a tasting and I loved the setup of this. It had the tonic water in a small ice bucket with the different flavors and garnishes in small cups. Now that’s a gin party.11211519391121151939a

Our next stop was Domaine Chandon, not my favorite due to the snobby vibe, so we decided to act silly and take pictures.

Up next: Oakridge Wines and this is where things start to get silly and fuzzy and maybe I bought a case of wine. I don’t know, no one is counting.

Yes, we’re still going the last place before we stopped at a brewery, yes we stopped at a brewery too, was Medhurst Wines. Honestly, I’m not sure I even remember the taste of the wine here. But I guess it was a pretty good deal because I bought six bottles at $10 a bottle. Not bad, seriously. I’m sure it was REALLY hard to sell things to me at this point. 1121152147a

That’s the only picture I have of Medhurst. Probably should be a clue we’re starting to decline here. Our last stop, as I mentioned, was a brewery but I really just had these last two pictures of evidence. 11211522371121152254a

This is an Australian couple who are actually from Greece (the man) and England (the lady). They were awesome people to meet and Australia is a beautiful country. If you make it to Melbourne area, go to Yarra Valley for the day but don’t forget to drink a lot of water and move your hand from the lens of the camera.

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