San Juan Del Sur & Playa Mathilda, Nicaragua

0409161028If you ever want to test your comfort zone, go to a foreign country where you don’t know the language. I knew a decent amount to get us all by in Nicaragua, but there were definitely a few moments where I just nodded, acted like I understood and left with a “WTF did they just say?”. My traveling companions did not know any words and so I got a lot of practice.

Practice makes perfect and pina coladas should be practiced.

This was the first restaurant we went to in Nicaragua on the San Juan Del Sur beach, with a pina colada in the sun.

That moment when you first get to the beach after driving two hours and being excited about your vacation is the best. After lunch, we met up with the real estate agent for our first house. We were shown around town by the real estate agent to get delicious fruit and beverage supplies and then taken to our place. The house was situated 20 minutes north of San Juan Del Sur on a secluded hillside.

The first day we went to Playa Mathilda, our own private beach that only people staying in the area had access to, so there was usually only four other people on the beach at a time.

Our first evening there, we caught the sunset from the infinity pool. Yes, an infinity pool. Yes, this place is magical. Catching the sunsets from this pool became a nightly thing. 0407161750a0407161740

I forgot to mention that when we got a tour of the place the lady informed us about scorpions and how we should keep our suitcases shut and check the bed before we got in. Oh, good. Laura and I were a bit scared every time we tried to sit down on something after that. The four days we were there we only saw one scorpion, and it was dead in the middle of the street. So I guess we didn’t need to be that scared after all. But, I’m glad I took the precautions.

We ate really delicious fruit in Nicaragua. Tropical climates are undoubtedly going to provide luscious burst of flavors in their fruit due to the climate, but I still forget how good it is until I’m cutting into the first piece. Our view couldn’t have been better when enjoying a fruit plate in the morning. I spent a few mornings doing yoga on this desk and looking out to this view with birds chirping all around me. Pretty great way to start the mornings.0409160844.jpg

The papayas in Nicaragua are the size of pumpkins and are much cheaper than in the states. I’m glad that their scorpions are small and their papayas are big.

Link to the place we stayed at during this part of the trip:

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  1. Bill Asselta says:

    very nice…. i think i need to go there.


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