Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

We organized a tour guide for our trip to Ometepe Island. We needed to catch the 745am ferry, we got there at 735am and felt so good about getting there early. Except, Nicaraguans are punctual and sometimes the ferry leaves early. Who knew? Not us. We were informed we could still make it, but would need to catch the 9am ferry. Ok, no big deal. Hopefully the tour guide person will still be there. I emailed them with the news, using Wi-Fi from one of the guys phones at the ferry station. When it got close to 9am, we made sure we were there to board.

Soon we realized this was the cheaper ferry. In that, it wasn’t really a ferry and more of a small fisher boat. Everyone was wearing their life jackets. This was a rocky ride. Laura’s face doesn’t begin to express what we were truly feeling which was “Is this going to sink? I mean I guess they do this often, so it should be ok. Alright, there’s water coming into the boat. What’s that creaking sound? Seriously, are we going to make it? I think I’m going to spew.”0408160845.jpg

But the view of the two volcanoes on Ometepe Island was beautiful once I stopped thinking I was going to vomit on everything.0408160953.jpg

Our tour guide, Johan, made this adventure the best. Truly a great guy with a great sense of humor. He is from Ometepe Island and has lived there his whole life, though he has traveled all over the world. It was great to hear his passion about Ometepe Island and Nicaragua’s history from him. He really loves his country and we loved learning more about it from him. It’s obvious to see why he loves this place so much. Nicaragua is absolutely beautiful!0408161058.jpg

The first stop of our tour was a walk through a gorgeous nature park called Charco Verde. There were so many cool plants and animals to see.

Look a Nicaragua squirrel.0408161103

Did you see it? Caught it eating something delicious from the nature reserve.

Then we made it to the actual laguna, but it is very dry this time of year so it didn’t have as much water as it usually does.04081611060408161106a

But there was also a lake that provided ridiculous colorful views with the volcano in the background. This island is great in that you can see the volcano pretty much wherever you are. There are two volcanoes on the island, Concepcion and Madreas. Concepcion is the larger one.04081611190408161119a0408161119b

Nicaraguans eat mostly chicken and fish. Their fish is so fresh and delicious, you can get fish right out of the water easily. Muy delicioso!0408161114.jpg

Oh just taking a rest at a beach with volcanic sand. No big deal.0408161138.jpg

This monkey tried to pee on us. Jerk.0408161144a.jpg

It’s not a vacation until you are walking down a path with Sheep Goats. Yes, sheep goats. It’s a thing. 0408161144b0408161145

Beep, beep. Excuse me.

After a lovely walk in nature, we went to check out old stones from thousands of years ago where locals had carved in hieroglyphics.

This led us to the top of hill where we took a hammock break, drank some fresh made juice and chatted with Johan about the history of Nicaragua.

The view from one of the hammocks.



After being so hot from walking around and in 90 degree weather, we made it over to Ojo de Agua – a natural spring water pool. Of course, rum in coconuts had to be involved. Who do you think you are talking to here? 04081614030408161405c.jpg

We also had another traveler with us on our tour. His name was Charlie and he was pretty hilarious. He had no fear jumping off a swing in the pool in tiny bathing suit undies. He was awesome and we took a picture with him in front of the volcano before our trip ended. 0408161330e.jpg

If you make it to Nicaragua, go to Ometepe Island and get a tour guide from It will be the most awesome adventure, ask for Johan (Yo-han) if you can get him. He’s the best!04081615190408161519a

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