Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua

Willy Wonka said it best, “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.” Too often I see people walking around looking at their phones instead of looking at all the beautiful things around them, sometimes unfortunately including people that love them. It’s OK to look at your phone and take breaks, but it’s very important to spend time with people and to look around at the earth, sky and nature around you. You’ll see so much more!

At our second stop place, on Laguna de Apoyo, in Nicaragua we were totally in awe by the luscious property grounds. So many beautiful tropical plants filled our eyes and soon we would realize how many cool spots you could hang out in and take in the most spectacular view of the crater lake that at one time long ago was a volcano.

Panoramic view of the lake from part of the yard.
We spent a lot of time out on this dock swimming around and drinking Tonas (local beer), so much on the last day that some of us got a bit too much sun. One day Brian swam out with rum slushies! 

So many spots to lounge, Brian ensured he sat in all of them at one point. Laura hanging out in my dream kitchen. It was so nice to have a spacious kitchen with a huge island in the middle.

Seriously, this place is breathtaking. We could have easily stayed another day if we didn’t already have plans to stay at another place after this.

It’s not a vacation with us without a cheese plate of some sort. Avocados in Nicaragua have a different taste. They are always very ripe and perfect. At first, we thought something was wrong with the avocado when we cut into it but one we tasted it we were blown away. We ended up eating A LOT of avocados and fruit.0410161611.jpg

I would easily love to come back to this place. Until next time, Laguna de Apoyo…04101617480411160552


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