Las Penitas, Nicaragua

Just like most countries, Nicaragua is not the same throughout it’s beautiful land. The landscape changes as you move north and south, east and west and as the land changes so does the general vibe of the culture. In the Northwest part of Nicaragua, just 20 minutes West of Leon, is a small coastal town called Las Penitas where you get a sense of a laid back way of life. This tends to be a given in many coastal towns, but even the south coastal beaches didn’t have this vibe in Nicaragua. Maybe it’s because it was low season and maybe it wasn’t as touristy as San Juan del Sur area. But whatever it was, it was great.

We first went to Leon, where we got lost, to meet up with the real estate agency that hosts the house. Upon our arrival to the house, we were unsure at first if it was the correct house. It is not marked at all. Thankfully, our caretaker Mary noticed us driving by back and forth and waved for us to come in. Out of all the houses we stayed at, this one was a little more rustic but it was still a great place and it fit the area. Also, you can’t really beat being right on the beach.

View from the top balcony.


This spot was a great end to our last four days in Nicaragua, we utilized the hammocks a lot. There may have been a lot of blended rum drinks involved.


The sunsets from La Playa (the beach) in Las Penitas were spectacular. We didn’t miss a single one.


Dogs like to party in Nicaragua. This dog’s name was Donkey, he was hilarious and very well-behaved.¬†Obviously, he was going to get pets.

After some of the sunsets, our caretaker Mary cooked us dinner. She made us so much food we had leftovers for a whole day. So the next day I invited her and her husband and son to join us for dinner. It was a great experience and they were so great to be around.


We really enjoyed our stay in this cute town, if it’s not evident by the pictures.

There was a hotel/bar restaurant for sale a couple houses down from this place. We briefly dreamed of buying it and staying there forever as most vacations go. Seriously though, go visit Nicaragua. It’s beautiful, the people and the land – all of it. But, know your Espanol. You’ll need it.


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