Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

Put me on a boat in the sunshine with a frozen drink and I’m in a serious happy place. This adventure didn’t include the frozen drink, but it was still a pretty great happy place and I saw a lot of nature. Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve is known for it’s eclectic range of birds. It cost about $35-$40 per person to do a tour of the Nature Reserve. It’s totally worth it.

The beginning of the Nature Reserve starts at the end of the street in Las Penitas and looks like a huge bay.

It seems like the tour is mostly covered with trees at first, but don’t be fooled and wear a lot of sunscreen. They give you a bird guide so you can identify all of the birds. The boat owner was really fun and helpful in spotting the birds for us.0414161129a0414161132a0414161136

Our tour guide took us to a stop on the way back where he had family that lives up on the beach. There we had an option to buy a beverage and explore the beach. Our favorite parts were the turtle eggs that they protect and then assist with ensuring they get to the ocean. Also, there were the cutest puppies there. Not a bad place for a puppy to live. The signs indicate when the turtles are expected to hatch, we were just a couple weeks early. It would have been pretty awesome to see a bunch of tiny turtles racing to the ocean.

The day was magical. Can’t beat this beautiful view at the end of the tour. 0414161317.jpg

The tour guide took me to a local fish shack afterwards and the caretaker, Mary, back at the house made me the most delicious fish. I invited her family to eat with us, it was such a lovely time. I can’t wait to experience more moments like this.


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