Coyote Wall Trail, Washington

I love going on the same hike in different seasons. The hike can look completely different from one season to the next. In the Pacific Northwest, there are so many wildflowers that come in different months that change the environment of the hike. I love that about the change in the seasons and even between the months in one season. Apparently, I’m really into loving things lately.

One of the most drastic changes in a hike occurs on Coyote Wall Trail in Washington. I went on this hike in August after a serious hot and dry summer and then again recently in May when the wildflowers are in full bloom. The differences in the pictures are very apparent and it looks like I went from a desert to a lush prairie in the same year on the same hike. Nature is pretty awesome in that way. You know what else is awesome? Sloths. But there are no sloths on this hike.

Coyote Wall Trail in August


Coyote Wall Trail in May


Turns out just because you go on a hike in May doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cooler temperature than August. It was HOT. Wear sunscreen and bring a lot of whiskey. I mean water.

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