Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR

Ok, I love gardens. Especially large ones with a variety of plants that you know is likely impossible to maintain in your own garden. Every time I travel I try to find out if there is some cool botanical garden to visit. I’ve been living in Oregon for 10 years now and until this year I hadn’t been to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR. I know, for shame. You’ll see different plants depending when you go. I imagine the best time is somewhere in the May-June time frame. However, there are flowers that come later in the summer that would be worth checking out and going again. Who doesn’t love a good flower? Even guys love them. Don’t act like you don’t.


I know, that last flower looks like a painting or a very obvious Photoshop. But guess what? It’s not. AND it isn’t even touched up. That thing is real. Nature is magical. Don’t underestimate its power.


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