Cape Horn Trail Loop, Washington

It’s been the summer of gorgeous hikes. I guess all of my summers involve many gorgeous hikes. So that was kind of a pointless sentence to start with. Let’s start over. It’s been another great summer full of gorgeous hikes. The biggest difference being the awesome company and the milder summer weather. And it’s only milder because last year Portland was 90 degrees – A LOT. This year we’ve only had a couple weekends that were slightly unbearable so it made some hikes a lot more friendly. Not that it would really stop me from a hike, so I have no idea where I’m going with this. I guess we should just say it’s been an adventurous summer and maybe you’ll enjoy some of these pictures from the Cape Horn Trail along Highway 14 in Washington.


This hike can be done as a loop at around 7 miles or you can hike in to a certain point and turn around. But I highly recommend just doing the loop there are a lot of awesome views along the way and some of the best are about 4-5 miles in if you start on the upper trail first. You want to start on the upper trail first, because I said so and also because you’ll thank me later. Going on the lower trail first will have you climbing a lot more. I know you won’t believe me at first as the upper trail starts off as all elevation gain for quite some time, it’s not crazy easy but it’s also not crazy hard. I promise. I think.


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