Siouxon Creek Trail, Washington

Backpacking is the best form of outdoor adventures for me. It’s a combo of hiking and camping in one! I’m all about combinations. It’s like my thing. If I see a combo meal on a menu where I get to try more than one thing, I’m all in. That’s right. Give me all the food on one plate and I’m so happy you might see dancing bunnies and rainbows and then you’re probably on drugs soooo… maybe you should just focus on my and your happiness.

Back to backpacking, last year we did Paradise Park and as always it was a fun adventure. In that moment, we said we would make sure to get in at least two backpacking trips this summer. We’ve only completed the one. Summer was filled with a lot of things all the time. There are excuses. Next year we’ll be better at putting them on the calendar ahead of time, so that we don’t make plans during those weekends. Summers are hard when it comes to plans for me, I get too excited to make all the plans and thus I have no time for things that are booked. I’m not really complaining, this makes me interesting and ensures that I am living life very fully with any time I have off from work so that has to be good.

We hiked about 6 miles into the Siouxon Creek trail to get a good spot along the river. If you’re like me and enjoy a more private camp spot, you’ll want to hike in at least 4.5-5 miles. Otherwise, you’ll get a spot right next to the trail and/or next to many other people. That could totally be your thing though, so do whatever your heart desires.

This could also be an easy going day hike. No matter what you choose this is a good hike with beautiful peek-a-boo views along the way and rushing water and falls to check out along the hike.




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