Labor Day Weekend in Jersey

Every year I go back to Jersey to visit my family. For years, I would go back around Thanksgiving or Christmas alternating which holiday I would visit on. The last few years I decided it was time to change it up as costs and chaos around flying during the holidays is not ideal. Plus I never feel like I get to spend as much time with family and friends as I would like to when it’s the holidays. Every thing seems much more rushed and there’s not as much time to just hang out or go to the beach in nice weather. There’s also more of a chance of a flight delay or cancel. No one wants to deal with that.

When I was living in Maine during college, I let my Dad book my flight as a Christmas gift. Very nice of him, yes. However, he managed to book me a flight from Newark, NJ that had a layover in Washington D.C. before heading back to Portland, Maine. As if this part wouldn’t be ideal as it is, the weather was not cooperating this time of year and I missed my connect flight to Maine. I had to stay in The Dulles airport over night and take a 6:45am flight the next morning.

I reluctantly found a spot to rest my eyes for a little while, very hard to do in an airport that was in the middle of construction (I hope) since there were unfinished sections allowing birds to come into the airport. Fun times. I didn’t get much time to sleep, I missed my flight around 11:30pm and my flight was only 6 hours from departure. Breakfast places were starting to open up and I went there to update friends and family on the latest events of my travels. My ride to pick me up at Portland, Maine, 2 hours from my college, could no longer pick me up at the new arrival time. I knew then that I was going to have to take the dreaded bus from Portland, Maine to Orono, Maine.

The plane ride from D.C. to Portland was thankfully uneventful. Once I got to the airport, I found that my checked baggage was missing from the previous flight that I missed. I don’t usually check bags, but I did this time because of the gifts I received. This was seriously starting to feel like the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Nothing seemed to be going well. I had to leave the airport hoping that my luggage would make it to me eventually. I took the bus back to Orono and it wasn’t until a week later that my luggage showed up at another neighbor’s door. They didn’t even get that right. Dad, I love you but you’re never allowed to make travel plans for me again.

This year, I decided to go back over Labor Day weekend so I could participate in my Dad’s annual bar crawl. Yes, my Dad might be cooler than yours. You can tell your Dad to step up his game if needed.

You can’t go visit Jersey without going to the shore and the boardwalk.


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