Fall in Portland

I’m writing this on Halloween morning. It’s cold and wet outside. Daylight Savings Time is next weekend, which means that winter is fast approaching. Winter sucks. I know there are people out there that live for winter, I don’t know any of them, but I’ve heard about them so I guess they exist. Sure, I see the beauty in winter when I’m guzzling down hot cocoa and wrapped up in a fluffy blanket watching cooking shows. But generally it’s colder and darker outside making it a lot harder to get that “I can’t wait to jump out of bed” sunshine energy you get in the spring and summer. Spring and summer, let’s dream again about them. Then there’s fall. The beginning of fall is smile-inducing, the slightly colder mornings are welcomed. The leaves are turning all kinds of beautiful colors, boots are an obvious option, pumpkin is in everything (don’t hate on the pumpkin) and pot pies are winter’s way of saying “I’m sorry I suck, but here’s pie you can eat without guilt. It’s a healthy pie dinner.” We all know winter is somewhat evil in that way.

However, winter isn’t all that bad. There are fun projects to be done inside – sewing, painting, knitting, cooking, and while I push myself through winter I’ll try to reminisce on the fact that spring is just around the corner, which means summer and fall aren’t too far behind and really it’s just nice to be able to experience all of the seasons. It means you’re still alive and change is good.

Portland Skyline from Pittock Mansion in Forest Park
Dog butt walks with Bea


Portland Fall is beautiful.


It’s like a fall desktop wallpaper. Don’t steal it. You can buy it for $5,000. You’re welcome.

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