A Letter to Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I didn’t vote for you. Many others did and on Tuesday you were elected to be the next President of the United States. Congratulations. The next four years are going to be tough for you. Probably harder than you thought it would be, and it should be. I hope it ends up being the hardest thing you’ve ever had to face. This isn’t a game. This isn’t a reality TV show. This is our real life. This is the life of many Americans who work hard every day to enrich their lives and their families. We don’t all get to go home to lavish jets and a working staff that does things for us. We work for them each day. We don’t always have the security of a large bank amount if something goes wrong.

So, Trump, my message to you is to respect the American people. We are a country of many different views, races and beauty. Please keep this in mind when you make decisions. Do not tarnish our country. Do not make decisions based on vain. Be better. We’re a welcoming country with opportunities and love for one another. We don’t build walls, we build bridges. Beautiful bridges that reach our neighbors. We want to work together and have great relationships with other countries. Please ensure it stays that way.

We are a country that allows people to make their own decisions with their bodies and futures. There are decisions in life that are hard and there are laws in place to allow women to make their own decisions. We don’t want that to be taken away from us because some people have different views. We don’t tell anyone they have to do things with their bodies, and we expect the same in return. I ask you, Mr. Donald Trump, to keep all of this in mind when you wake up each day. This is real life with real consequences. We’ve worked really hard to have a progressive country that looks to a bright future where we can get along and people can love who they want to. Please don’t ruin it.


Tamara and a lot of Americans.



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