Kauai Island: Day 1 Arrival Adventures

There are so many beaches on Kauai. So many that you will have a hard time visiting them all. Regardless of which ones you visit, you’re bound to find something unique and beautiful on each one. Even in the rain. It rains a lot on the North Shore in the winter. Be warned. But sometimes the rain quickly passes or only comes in the afternoon, making most mornings full of sunshine. There’s also the opportunity to escape to the south side in Poipu where it’s more consistently sunny throughout all of the seasons. But we’re going to start with the North Shore.

We arrived to Lihue Airport on a beautiful sunny day. The warmth of the sun was already present as we stepped off the plane. Yes, finally we had made it! After weeks of anticipation it was here. We made our way to the rental bus stop to take us to the rental car lot. Something odd must have been going on with the Thrifty/Dollar bus that day, because it took 30 minutes for a bus to come while we saw all the other rental company buses come multiple times. At the time, we didn’t know you could take the Advantage bus there as well, it went to the same location.

Another 15-20 minutes later waiting in line, and we finally got to the front desk of the rental company to get in our car. We were so excited at this point. Now the adventure was really beginning. We were staying about 10 minutes west of Hanalei and it takes about 1 hour from the airport. Soon we would realize the true meaning of the word adventure. As we drove up the one highway that wraps around part of Kauai, it began to pour. I mean POUR. The kind of rain where you can’t see the car in front of you and you need to drive 5 mph. Thankfully, it only lasted for about 5 minutes. Eventually we made it up to Princeville, the town right before Hanalei, at around 330 pm (we flew in at 1:15 pm), and soon saw a road closure. WHAT? No this can’t be. We soon would know that the road right after the Hanalei bridge was flooded. So we did what every tired and hungry from traveling folks would do, we went to the bar and got mai tais and sandwiches. The sandwich was not good, but the drinks were great.

A hotline was available to call to check the status of the bridge. I continuously checked it while we were at the bar with no change in status. After our drinks, we decided it was time to go see the beach like we were originally planning to do when we got to our place at the scheduled time of 3:30 pm, now it was 4:45 pm and the sun was going down at 6 pm.

Our first beach stop was at Kalihiwai Beach. It was a quiet beach recovering from slashing waves that day. It felt serene. As all beaches kind of do for me. We made it to the beach at 5 pm. 20161202_17013620161202_17014920161202_17015620161202_170221

 The water was rough on Kalihiwai Beach and thus the ocean looked murky from the sand this day. Our next stop was Anini Beach Park. This beach really made us smile amidst all the day’s issues. It’s worth a visit. It wasn’t crowded when we went there, but it was after 5pm. 20161202_17172220161202_17182020161202_17182620161202_17200720161202_17205720161202_172340

During our visit to Anini Beach, I called the hotline for the bridge closure again and this time it updated with a message that cars were being allowed across the bridge! We were so excited upon this news. It was starting to get dark, so we got in the car and made our drive to the place. It was only 20 minutes from where we were. We were staying at a VRBO (similar to AirBnB) and they keep the keys in a lockbox. We got the keys out of the lockbox, but couldn’t open the door. We later learned that the doorlock was jammed. After all the days random things, now we couldn’t get into our place. This was a full on “adventure”. But, it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We opened a couple beers and I contacted the caretaker. She didn’t answer her phone or texts. Soon I got a hold of the owner of the place and she let me know we could stay upstairs. So in the end we got an upgrade. The place upstairs was much cooler. The day was a test for us to keep each other’s spirits high and know that our relationship is strong even in the middle of an unexpected day adventure. Really the issues that happened weren’t all that bad in some perspectives. We were in Hawaii and on vacation after all.



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