Kauai, Hawaii: Day 3

On our third day on the island, it rained quite a bit. Time to find fun things to do in the rain on Kauai. We decided that we could really do anything in the rain if we didn’t let it bother us. So we went into Hanalei and had lunch and delicious, but expensive tropical drinks. It started to rain a bit more heavily, but we didn’t mind. After walking around for a little while, and making our way to some stores in town, it was time to go back to our place and swim in the water. It didn’t matter that it was raining to us, we wanted swim time! The water feels warm even in the rain.

The nice thing about going to the beach when it’s a rainier day is your likely going to be the only ones in the water. The Wainiha Bay beach isn’t very crowded anyway, but even less so on a rain day. We love being close to a beach that isn’t continuously crowded.

Wainiha Bay


Behind the Hanalei Shopping Center
Red-Crested Cardinals love Wainiha Beach


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