Kauai Island, Hawaii – Day 4 Chocolate Farm Tour

I don’t always like to go on guided tours, but sometimes they are worth attending. Typically we like to go on a lot of our own adventures during a trip with one or two guided to see things that we may have not found on our own. I also find that guided tours are very informative. If you ever make it to Kauai, I highly suggest the Chocolate Farm Tour in Kiluaea right on the main highway. They provide a generous exotic fruit and chocolate tasting as part of the tour, as well as a walk through their small farm showcasing cacao and items they put into their chocolate. This is a dark chocolate lovers tour. It is the best chocolate I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of chocolate. The only con to the tour is that you can’t buy everything you taste, probably a good thing. There were only six bars available to buy out of the 20-something that we tasted.

Cacao Pods
An assortment of exotic fruits and nuts available before the tour started.
We walked through a small garden space that is a separate business. 
Kava Plant
One of the chocolate tour founders walking the group through many tastings.

After getting drunk off chocolate, we drove to Kilauea Lighthouse. The road to the lighthouse is closed on Mondays, so we would go back to visit later in the week. The pictures from the entrance are pretty good too though. 20161205_123448.jpg

Our next stop was the Hanalei Pier, after a few days in the area we still hadn’t made it to this spot. It was really rainy when we went to the pier. Our clothes were no longer dry, but it didn’t matter. Sun is easily welcomed always, but we managed with the rain. The next day we would go in search of a couple days of sun in a row. For now, we looked out to the ocean with the small splashes of rain bouncing off the eruptive gray ocean. 20161205_150602.jpg


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