Poipu, Kauai: Day 5 Sunshine

It was time for a full day of sunshine. Earlier in the trip we only got snippets of the sun and needed a serious beach day. I had been to Kauai a couple years before and remembered hearing that the south side was consistently sunny in the winter compared to the north shore. We packed up our day gear and headed to the south shore. It is only an hour 20 minute drive to get to most parts of the south shore. It started out sunny in the North Shore and we followed the sun all the way to the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Koloa. There are two gardens to choose, you can visit both but you may need more time than a day. We went to the McBryde Garden, it was absolutely breathtaking. Enough photos can’t be taken to fully share the experience.

Natural Tree Tunnel!
So many hibiscus flowers in Hawaii. They grow very large and have many unique colors in the garden.
So naturally beautiful you don’t need a filter.


So green and luscious.


Many beautiful and unique plants.


Exotic alien plants straight out of a sci-fi movie.
Stop looking at me, swan. I wish I could remember what some of these were called. I just call them alien plants.
Moss Garden
Put a lemon in it.

After a great afternoon exploring a large botanical garden, we were ready for lunch and then sunbathing on the beach. It was a perfect sunny day and the sunset was too good to miss. There were endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals that made their way onto the beach to rest. Apparently it is very rare for more than one of them to lay near each other. When we got there, there were two in the same area. One of the volunteers was so excited about this rare occasion, she said she has been volunteering for 8 years and this was the  first time she saw two of them so close together. Shortly after a third seal came up, much larger than the two and more vocal, and rested in the same area as the other two.


A sunset is always a sunset, but somehow they are always magical and seem different depending where you are.


Happy New Year! 2016 was a great year, seriously one of the best yet. Greatly looking forward to 2017. Mahalo.

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