Kauai, Hawaii: Day 6 Poipu and Queen’s Bath

I’m sitting in the cold with a hat on while I write this. Reminiscing about warm Hawaii weather is not enough to distract the mind from the icy conditions outside. I’m ready for Spring and Summer. Our house is too old for wintry conditions. It’s been a bit abnormal this winter in Portland. There hasn’t been a large accumulation of snow in the city, but it has definitely happened more often. Snow isn’t the problem, it’s the ice and the lack of preparation from the city since in the past we only have this situation happen maybe once a year over a couple of days. We’re going on situation three this winter.

While I continue to be cold and dreaming of warmer weather, I look back to Day 6 on Kauai Island last month. The previous day we drove down to Poipu to explore the botanical garden and catch some needed all day sun. That night when we driving back to the north, we decided we would go back to the south for a beach day. We spent the whole day snorkeling and hanging on the beach only breaking for some lunch. The snorkeling along Poipu Beach Park was surprisingly great. I didn’t get any pictures this part of the day because I was very occupied, but also I remember my phone was running low on battery. I wanted to save the battery for Queen’s Bath on the way back home.

On the way back from Poipu we stopped at Queen’s Bath in Princeville. This can be a dangerous spot in the winter months. Many people have died here from not taking the necessary precautions and getting swept out to sea from a large wave. In calmer summer months you can swim in the swimming hole. It was spectacular to see the crashing waves, but it became apparent rather quickly that we shouldn’t go too close to the edge or even attempt to swim in it. It was worth the muddy terrain to get there.


There is also a cute stream as you approach the end of the trail onto the rocks to Queen’s Bath.20161207_160335.jpg

Bring back warmth. Mahalo.

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