Kauai, Hawaii: Day 7 Kilauea Lighthouse

Whoa! I’m back. I took a sabbatical from writing. I now realize that was a terrible idea. It wasn’t on purpose. It just sort of happened. Like when you wake up on a random Saturday with no particular plans, but a friend calls and asks if you want to go to brunch. Then brunch turns into day drinking mimosas, suddenly it’s 4pm and you don’t even know how time moved that fast, but you know a lot of fun things occurred. Yeah? I’m sure the same things happen to you.

Well now I’m back and I have a lot to catch up on. I didn’t even finish writing about the last Hawaii trip in December and we already got back from the Big Island about a week ago. I’ll catch up. I’m making a note of it right now in my task list notebook. Everyone should have a tasks notebook. I don’t know how you function without some sort of reminder list. It’s a necessary item in my world.

Stop getting me off track. OK, so the last few days in Kauai we were able to get in some fun adventures even with the rain. My grandmother is very into lighthouses and I thought it was something I should go check out for her. I knew she would love to know I went. Kilauea Lighthouse sits upon a pointed hillside. There is great view and it’s worth checking out. You may see whales depending on the season and you’ll definitely see a variety of birds. It’s $5 per person for entry into where the lighthouse is, but I’d say it’s worth it and goes towards the maintenance. However, if you’re cheap like I am sometimes you can totally park at the scenic view before the gate and get a view from there. Still, I say pay the $5.


Pretty, right? I told you it would be worth taking this Kauai adventure on your random Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to check the site to confirm when they are open. I think the lighthouse area is closed on Mondays.

Another really great thing about Hawaii life is walking to the beach in the mornings with your morning coffee or tea. Every time I go to an island, I think of why I am not living somewhere that is more consistently warm and I can wear minimal clothing while walking to the beach and looking at the ocean every morning. Then I realize that’s because most places like this are typically expensive to live in and generally have shitty people that live there. OK, so I’m mostly thinking of California and I am very biased. You probably know what I mean though.


Let’s just live like Hawaii and be happy the rest of our lives.


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