Kauai, Hawaii: Day 8 Kayak Adventures

If you know me or have been reading my blog for the last couple years, you probably know that I love adventures. My life feels more fulfilled when I am able to partake in various adventures. I need down time too, don’t get me wrong. But vacation is always better when adventures are thrown in the chill and hang out at the beach mix. Also, I love water. I am not a great swimmer, mostly because I never really practiced at it. However, I do love to swim and be in and near water. If I believed in astrology, jury is still out, I would conclude this is due to my Pisces sign.

So here we are in Kauai and we decide to go on a kayak adventure. What better way to spend the day than to exhaust your arms from paddling a slow moving river in the sunshine? I mean I can tell I am selling it here, but truly it was a great time. The water was beautiful, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and we even had time for a lunch break and to settle our kayaks on a beach with a bunch of dancing birds. It’s also worth noting that Brian was messing with me in my kayak a couple times by gently touching my kayak with his. That sounds dirtier than it was meant to be, get your head on task here. This would send me slightly off balance, but nothing too scary. I’d laugh it off and we’d move on. After the second time, I thought ok can we stop playing this game? So we did. But then I thought it might be time to do it to him since I didn’t get a chance to. I slightly ran into him, but because he was trying to turn and clearly overcompensated the balance, he ended up falling out of his kayak. Somehow he didn’t lose anything and somehow he didn’t completely flip out. I would have. Good thing he was the one that fell over. Don’t worry, we laughed about it 5 minutes later.


Can I just go back to paddling on this river and drinking Mai tais on the beach? Why can’t life just be like that all the time? Seriously though, if this is your life please give me your info. I’d like to learn more.

After we paddled up the river and Brian fell out of his kayak and we recovered, we took a lunch break. Once we finished lunch we headed back out and paddled down the river to the beach. At this point it started to get a little cloudy again, but it was still warm and life was good so complaints were not welcomed here. The birds were even doing happy dances around us.


Have you ever seen a cuter bird gang? I haven’t. They waddle from side to side like a dancing alley gang in sync. You know, West Side Story style. Clearly, they are very worldly birds.

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