2017 Winter Reflections

This has been the worst winter in Portland. Even people who have lived here for over 8 years will say this is the worst winter. I’ve been here for 11 years and I say this is the worst winter. Sure, the snow was really pretty and we don’t get it often. But shit, it was COLD and DARK and WINDY and RAINY! We have to take Vitamin D here. Seriously, it’s medical. That’s how shitty the winter was this year. Recently, I’ve seen articles that have been discussing the record amounts of rain Portland has endured. Oh great, so now we’re setting records, but not the good kind like beating the fastest person in the world or eating the most cheese pizzas in an hour. No, we’re breaking rain records. Yippie! I don’t know if you can tell yet by my last few posts, but I am really ready for summer. SO READY. But hey let’s reflect on winter when it was beautiful for about four days and then we were so over the snow and have been dreaming of warm sunshine and floating rivers ever since.

Before we get to the beautiful winter pictures, I’d like to also update that I am looking for a new job. Some recent changes at my company are forcing me to seek newer pastures. If you are reading this, find me to be witty, and know something in the Program/Project Management space specifically in software or digital media, let me know. I’m interested and I am a very quick learner. Ask my Dad. I’ll give you his email if you need it, but you should probably just contact me first.


Barely able to open the door.
The most snow Portland has seen in the city since probably 2008.
The snow came up to my knees.
Beatrice was very into the snow. She likes to eat it. 


This was about a couple days after the initial fall of snow, some cars are a little more clean and the walk way actually looks like a sidewalk again. 

The night of the first fall, when it was about 7 inches and not 14 yet, Beatrice played with other dogs in the park. Snow is so fun! Until it’s day three or four and you’re over it.


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