Kauai, Hawaii: Day 9 Last Day Beach Tour

Our last day in Kauai was filled with stopping at a couple beaches on our way to the airport. We didn’t have a flight until noon, so we had some time to spend and soak in the last bits of sunshine. If you don’t live in Portland, OR and you crave sunshine, do not move there. The winter is dark and the only glimpses of Vitamin D hope come from escaping to Hawaii, southern California or some other tropical place in the middle of the winter months. So when you get a chance to stretch out your time in the sun, you take it.

Typically, in Portland, we get a nice surprise 70 degree week in the middle of February that tricks us into being ok with rain for the next three months. That did not happen in 2017. This future event made me look back on Hawaii in December and how nice it was to escape to somewhere warmer even though it happened to rain about 75% of the time. Still worth it. Apparently we can’t escape rain, even tropical warm rain.

Thanks for letting me blab a lot, not that you had a choice. I’ll be surprised if you are still reading right now and didn’t just pass all this to look at the pictures. Humans really only have so much attention span now these days. It’s the internet’s fault. We all know this.


Don’t you just want to go there right now? Me too. Let me know when you find a good way to get me there for free on a quarterly basis.


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