San Francisco: February 2017

San Francisco is expensive, but really nice to visit. I’m glad to be just a 2-hour, usually affordable, flight away from visiting. I know people who live there, how they afford to live there I don’t always know. Because I know people who live there, I haven’t really seen a lot of the tourist attractions. I think the first time I went there I did some – pier 39, pictures of alcatraz and seals, fisherman’s wharf, mission dolores – and over time I’ve explored various neighborhoods. A lot of the time it’s about going to see friends and checking out a new bar, so it was nice this last time to do a little bit of sight seeing mixed in with the usual hang out with friends in their hoods.

There’s a lot to see in San Fran, probably why I always love going there. The experience is always different. The neighborhood vibes can sometimes be similar to Portland, but in ways much more diverse. I love the layout of the city, I would live there if it weren’t so expensive and crowded. Fair warning – don’t use Postmates on a Saturday night unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount for delivery. Obviously, if you are going there on vacation you are probably going to go eat out most of the time. But just saying.

San Francisco is a hodgepodge of all kinds of people – punk, LGBT, plain tech folk, weird tech folk, hippies, grunge hippies (there’s a difference), metal heads, nerds, plastic – you get the deal – and to me they are all beautiful, because it’s what makes San Francisco what it is. Of course, if you run into a San Fran native, by native I mean someone who has been there for over 15 years, they will tell you HOW MUCH San Fran has changed. But hasn’t every city at this point? The world is evolving. There are more people. New generations moving to cities. It’s going to change as the world changes, it just will. Is it sad? Sure, in some cases. There is definitely the idea of wanting to hold on to a cultural phenomenon that made the city what it is known today. However, you also have to roll with the dice and if it’s getting too expensive how do you change that? Just move? Unfortunately, maybe so. I don’t have the answers. If I did, I probably would be writing about much different content or getting rich from knowing all the answers in the world like Nostradamus.

Much of what I say about SF is also true about Portland, it’s also changing. Change scares people. Rightly so.

While you’re in San Fran make sure to have picnic at Dolores Park with a bottle of rose for me. Cheers.

Fort Point:
A different view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s as beautiful and large as they say.
It was really windy and cold the day I went here in February. Looking out along the water I w as hoping that small sprinkle of sunshine on the other side would come this way.
San Francisco skyline from Fort Point near Golden Gate Bridge.
The best spots are outside of inner downtown SF.
This cafe is Just For YOU. My friend Chandra wasn’t awake yet, so I took her picture anyway because I am a nice friend.

It’s almost summer! Let’s rejoice until it’s too hot and we can’t wait for cooler air. We know it’s going to happen, savor it.

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