33 years wiser, or just older

It was my birthday in March. All the years of exciting age things happen within the first 30 years of your life.  13 you feel like you’re more mature, but you don’t really know anything at all. 16 is supposed to make you feel like you’re more mature, but you really don’t know anything at all. Wait a sec, this continued to happen at age 18, 21, 30. Except I think I do know myself a lot more now and my priorities have drastically shifted if you compare 30 year me to 21 year me. By the time I got to 33 I was like oh right it’s my birthday, SWEET I get to eat cake again. At least that’s how I look at it, so maybe actually they are all awesome. In fact, I’m not sure why I started off this blog entry being dismissive of birthdays because I fucking LOVE birthdays. A day all about ME and CAKE? SIGN ME UP. Why do I have to wait a whole year again? The worst. Just so you know, if you need to make things up to me for some reason just make me a cake or pie or cupcake or a sweet new robe if you know how to sew and we’re ALL GOOD. I feel like I’m yelling a lot in this blog entry and I’m totally OK with it. Sometimes you just really have to show how enthusiastic you are in your writing by typing in all caps. Bold face is so last year. Pretty sure I just used bold in a very recent post, but who’s really tracking these things? If YOU are, then awesome.

Brian is a master at birthdays. Seriously, he has made my last couple birthdays the best ever. I hope he continues to be a master birthday planner. I wish now he would have been there for my 30th birthday, but there’s no point in dwelling on the past. Remember? We just talked about this. Present day. Now.

So master birthday planner surprised me during my first birthday we were together. I am not easily surprised. I don’t actually remember a time I was truly surprised. I’m so bad at being surprised, I want to know all the details. And I’m curious and observant ALL THE TIME. It’s a great quality most times, but is extremely difficult when you want to surprise said person with that quality. So to be completely surprised when a bunch of my friends were at a place that I wasn’t planning on seeing them was disorienting. I think I actually said “WTF is going on!?” I forgot it was my birthday, I forgot where I was, and I instantly became confused with no source of logic.

This recent birthday, it was a day full of surprises like our date days. On date days, one of us plans and the other gets to be surprised all day with new adventures and places to go. It can be anything. Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes it’s just random things all day, sometimes it’s going to a show, sometimes it’s to do something new together, sometimes it’s to eat and drink delicious things – it’s the best of days. On my birthday, we ended up going to places that had all the things I love but Brian is never into so I don’t eat them often – deviled eggs, oysters, macaroons. Macaroons is kind of a false part of this theme, because while I obviously love them and think they are the most amazing dessert ever – I say this about a lot of desserts, just for the record – Brian also loves them too, so I think he just wanted to fit them in there a good treat for himself too. You can’t hide your true feelings from me.

Macaroons and Rose at Pix on E Burnside. Champagne is also necessary here.
Oysters at Olympia Oyster Bar on N Mississippi. This place is fantastic.
Cheese plate at Olympia Oyster Bar on N Mississippi.
Best oyster dish I’ve ever had. Those nest looking things were fried thin dough strings around baked oysters with avocado mousse on top. Uh, yeah. Olympia Oyster Bar on N Mississippi.
Deviled eggs at Saraveza on N Killingsworth.

And that’s how you birthday.

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