Cape Lookout Hike

I don’t even know what’s going on with the world right now. I mean I know a lot of bad things are always occurring and maybe we just know more about them now because we have access to so many forms of communication and news outlets than ever before, but seriously WHAT’S GOING ON? Seriously, the world and our country direction scares the shit out of me. History is literally repeating itself. We’re seeing it happen. The progression we’ve so nonchalantly took for granted is being tested every day. There’s so much hate. How did it come to this? What goes on in a brain that can allow such hate towards others to occur? I don’t understand. It’s sad. I want to fix so much and help so many, but feel completely helpless. Truly. 

Try to be kinder to your neighbor, even when they piss you off. Call your family. Say hello to strangers. Give a homeless person a sandwich. Love deeply.

Now that we feel really good about ourselves, let me get you on a lighter note and talk about how beautiful nature is. I love going on hikes. It’s one of my favorite ways to recharge my soul. Nature is the closest truth we have to how the world works. I think if more people could appreciate nature and go on hikes, possibly the better our world would be. If you find yourself in Oregon, go to the coast near Tilamook and hike Cape Lookout. You won’t be disappointed. If you go before June, be sure to wear waterproof shoes. There can be a lot of mud on this hike in the spring.



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