The Big Island, Hawaii

We went to The Big Island for the first time in April 2017 for a friend’s wedding. I’ll take any excuse to see a new Hawaii island. The warmth from the sun and tarmac sucked our pores like a Biore pore nose strip. It was delightful after spending many days cursing the Portland winter cold. The Big Island welcomes you with a lot of yellow and desolate hillsides of old volcano flow. Don’t be fooled by the initial views, it’s not just all yellow desert. The nice thing about this island is you are guaranteed sunshine on one side of the island and guaranteed luscious green life on the other, albeit with rain. The ability to drive 30 minutes and experience three different seasons is magical.

I should mention I’m very bad at keeping up with this blog in the summer. For obvious summer fun reasons. If you live in Portland, Oregon you know that summer is all about doing all the things in as little of time as possible, because it is a small window some years or at least it feels so much smaller. Half the year is sunny, half the year is not. Probably more than half the year is not, but I try to not count. I don’t want to depress myself.

Back to the Big Island, it was great – we saw things, ate things, did things. And of course it was a celebration of nuptials for friends. Check it out.


The wedding ceremony spot at Hapuna Beach Hotel.


Walk up to Coastal Grille from Hapuna Beach.
Post ceremony Hapuna beach hang outs.
When you get married, you jump in the pool. Mauna Kea Resort.
Waipiʻo Valley Lookout
Waipi’o Black Sand Beach South
Waipi’o Black Sand Beach South – the sand was so sparkly black and magical. Hard to see in the picture.


Sometimes you go hang out at fancy resorts and get $22 cocktails. I think this was at Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii.
Brown’s Beach House Restaurant
Mauna Kea Resort



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