Look What You Made Me Do – Coyote Wall Hike

I don’t keep up with Taylor Swift, in fact many times I hear one of her songs I have no idea it is her. But here I am in my robe on a relaxing Sunday, listening to “Look What You Made Me Do”. It’s probably the first Swift song I went to listen to knowing it was her song. Hey, it’s not that bad. Not going to lie, definitely busting out my Mick Jagger moves right now. I guess I’ll just keep listening to it while I write this and we can see what happens. I don’t like the song “Holy Ground” that came on afterwards in my Spotify. No, thanks. Let’s go back to looking at what you made me do.

Also, if you haven’t read anything from Samantha Irby I highly recommend getting on that. I am currently reading “We Are Never Meeting in Real Life” and I have laughed out loud. Not the lolz kind, but an actual Laugh Out Loud for real. Her blog is also a delight to follow.

Maybe I should start talking about this sweet hike I went on in April, Coyote Wall. If you’ve been following along, I have posted this hike a couple times – once when I went in May and another when I went in August. I have found an even better time to go – in April. The wildflowers were most beautiful and the scenery was at its most luscious just coming from the spring rain, yet we had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy it – a rarity in Portland’s April. 20170428_13260120170428_13260620170428_13345720170428_13350620170428_13355720170428_14122420170428_14594920170428_151957

Pretty beautiful, eh? Beatrice thought so too.

Image result for peace sign emoji


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