I May, You May

While I’ve been enjoying the summer and now the end is officially here, I am continuing to soak up the last of the sun and hold off on the vitamin D intake until it’s officially winter. In Portland, we get one last glimpse of warm sunshine to grace our days. It’s a mind game, really. We get the start of cold rain and think ‘Oh ok, here is the end of summer’, but then nope it’s 80 degrees the next day and it goes on for a week and we’re thrilled. Then comes reality of cold temperatures, dark skies and fluffy robes. The rain wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t last FOREVER. Dramatic, I know. Seriously, Portland is not for the faint of heart. Don’t move here if you like beach days and sunshine to be your norm for the year. It’s not going to happen. Fall, Summer and Spring are pretty nice though. So while summer was a breeze and didn’t last nearly long enough, let’s look back on my life in May. Because, well, who doesn’t love living in the past?

Beatrice loves hammock time.
Beatrice does not love when I dress her up, but what else are you supposed to do with dogs but love them to death and dress them up for your own enjoyment? Trust me. She gets plenty of revenge on most days.
Can this be any cuter?
At one of our favorite places, 1000 acres aka Puppy Heaven aka Sandy River Delta Park.
Bea with her BFF Gypsy.


I even had time to work in the hammock. It was a nice start to the summer. Work from home like is a-ok. 
I think this was an opener for Gabriela y Rodrigo at Roseland Theater. 
Marine Drive Bike Path ride.


Clearly, I spent a lot of time taking pictures of my dog and enjoying hammock time. Seems like a pretty good May to me.

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